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Logistics Viewpoints

Do You Want Real-time Visibility? IT is the Enemy

RF Guns Generate Massive Amounts of Data Supply chain managers need real-time data to effectively manage operations. While supply chain software companies offer solutions that come with analytic solutions, the data used for the analytics is usually archived data. Archived…

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This Week in Logistics News (October 16 – 22)

We’ve all heard the news that storage containers are increasingly more difficult to come by, and as a result, this could impact the upcoming holiday season. But just how scarce are they? The spot rate of booking a 40-foot container…

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Supply Chain Design Crosses the Chasm

Recent supply chain disruptions are forcing organizations to challenge the prevailing wisdom and look for newer approaches to decision making. The simultaneous shocks to demand and supply, and the magnitude of these shocks are not something the world ever experienced.…

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Warehouse Labor Woes Are Worse than Ever

Warehouse Labor Woes are Worse than Ever On the surface, the jobs report in the US looked positive. Unemployment had fallen to 4.8 percent. But more people left the job force than joined it. (The math makes it seem like…

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This Week in Logistics News (October 9 – 15)

I just read an interesting article about Chris Johnson, former top sales executive at Apple and CEO of JC Penney. It seems that Mr. Johnson is on a quest to “remake the retail world” as he takes his new company…

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Home Delivery: What Can We Learn from Europe?

Home delivery strategy, tactics and performance is one of the most hotly-debated areas of logistics. The pandemic has increased the importance of home delivery, but also decreased the quality of home delivery performance. As logistics professionals, we can dive into…

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Beyond Trade Compliance

Jackson Wood, director of industry strategy for global trade intelligence at Descartes I’m kicking off some research and writing on global trade compliance. During this research, I’ll be talking to many of the solution providers in this market. My first…

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This Week in Logistics News (October 2 – 8)

A few week ago, I wrote an article about the transformative nature of the plant-based meat supply chain. Over the last few years, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have been creating meat substitutes that promise to eat “more like meat.”…

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