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Descartes sees February as cycle low point

Supply chain software-as-a-service provider Descartes said Wednesday that February was likely the low point for the cycle, noting demand trended up somewhat in March and April. The company has seen ocean imports increase sequentially since February to a level that…

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A look back on the 1st transcontinental railroad

FreightWaves Classics is sponsored by Old Dominion Freight Line — Helping the World Keep Promises. Learn more here. The Pacific Railway Act of 1862 was enacted by President Abraham Lincoln to garner federal support for construction of the transcontinental railroad. While…

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California State Assembly votes to ban driverless trucks

The California State Assembly voted Wednesday to ban driverless trucks from the state’s roadways, requiring a safety driver be present. If passed by the Senate, it would leave the state where most autonomous trucking companies are based as an outlier…

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project44 comes out on top in 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Visibility has been top of mind for logistics leaders over the past several years. Real-time location and condition insights became more important than ever as the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the e-commerce surge and consumer expectations around package visibility and on-time…

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Private equity acquires Southeastern waste, industrial haulers

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Union Pacific expands intermodal service at Port Houston

Union Pacific is expanding intermodal service at Port Houston for customers seeking to reach five metropolitan markets in the western U.S. The service, which starts Thursday, enables ocean carriers and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) to load intermodal containers directly onto…

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How summer driving season fuels demand for tanker shipping

Americans hit the road en masse for summertime travel each year starting Memorial Day weekend, pumping up gasoline sales through Labor Day in early September. Summer airplane travel takes off, consuming more jet fuel. Europeans load up their cars and…

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The driver shortage myth – WTT

[embed][/embed] On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking about trucking’s biggest myth: the driver shortage. Is the “80,000 drivers needed” number nothing more than a psyop? SuperTrucker Justin Martin is breaking down the numbers behind the number. …

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